的 university community collectively fosters an environment that allows you to succeed.

澳门水利博彩手机入口致力于为学生提供学术, 职业生涯, 健康, 以及他们需要的健康服务, 当他们需要的时候. Whether guidance on course selection or mental 健康 counseling, we’re ready to assist students in overcoming the challenges associated with college life—and life itself. 在专业人员的帮助下,在某些情况下, 学生自己的同龄人, the Oregon Tech community collectively fosters an environment that allows all students to succeed.


社区 based student resources graphic that shows the title of the service, 一只长着翅膀的猫头鹰在一座山和一座建筑之间展开.


学生的参与 & 归属感

学生的参与 & 归属感 offers resources and 工作人员 to get students connected with local community-based support services in order to meet their basic needs with regards to financial instability, 食品不安全, 本地房屋需求, 学习导航和应用到本地, 状态, and federal need programs towards personal enrichment and student success. 面向所有学生的校园项目 受益的项目包括:Bird Feeder学生食品储藏室, 猫头鹰羽毛交换衣橱, 以及Book Depot的教科书回收计划. 




学术顾问 对所有即将入学的澳门水利博彩手机入口学生开放吗. 我们的 advisors meet with students individually to address a wide range of topics, including:

  • 寻找和利用校园资源
  • Understanding curriculum maps, transfer credits, and prerequisites
  • 时间管理和有效的学习策略
  • 社会和情感适应大学生活

Image shows the Oregon Tech block logo with "Oregon" in white text inside a blue box and "Tech" in blue text in yellow box above the text "残疾及测试服务"


残疾人服务 facilitates access to Oregon Tech programs and services for individuals with disabilities through accommodations, 教育, 咨询, 和宣传. 我们努力促进多元化, 包容, 支持, and accessible learning and working environment for individuals with disabilities. We recognize disability as diversity and ensure individuals with disabilities have full access, 包容, 以及在俄勒冈理工社区的归属感.

测试服务 提供安全的, equitable and professional testing environment for accommodated testing to support Oregon Tech students registered with 残疾人服务 and those who need to schedule a make-up exam. 



同侪教导 is a FREE academic support service available to all Oregon Tech students.  We offer in-person tutoring sessions to support your courses and supplement your learning experience at all campuses.  把你的约会变成学习小组, request weekly appointments for a dedicated study time and share files and documents with a peer tutor before your appointment. 

In addition, we offer TutorMe where you can connect with a live tutor 24/7.  TutorMe also allows students to upload any paper and receive feedback within 12 hours 可透过TECHWeb下载.



职业服务 gives students and 校友 help with identifying job opportunities, 学习面试该做什么和不该做什么, 还有更多.

  • 校园工作: 学生可以搜索 & apply for on-campus jobs (Federal Work Study options and options available to all students).
  • 人才招聘会往往会: 联系学生 & 雇主积极寻找新团队成员的校友
  • 简历资源: 学生 & 校友可以获得免费的职业资源和支持
  • 职业发展: 教育随处可见. 学生 are encouraged to continue their professional development through a wide variety of on-campus job opportunities.
  • 员工管理: 我们的 professional 工作人员 are excited to connect employers of all kinds with Oregon Tech students, 校友, 教师, and 工作人员 in full-time and part-time work as well as internships or training opportunities

健康 & 健康


综合学生健康中心 provides illness and injury care, mental 健康 counseling, crisis management, 健康 教育. All students enrolled in 6 credits or more pay a student 健康 fee which makes them eligible to receive these benefits free of charge. 



学生事务人员和合作伙伴团队 meet weekly during the regular academic year to actively provide additional support for students who may be experiencing challenges of all kinds. 教师, 工作人员, or students can provide information to the group related to a student or students they are concerned for.  的se concerns can range from academic, social, and/or emotional well being.  欲了解更多信息或报告问题,请点击这里: 安全的校园




我们的 猫头鹰的 financial literacy program offers free events and tutorials with advice on budgeting, 贷款, 术语, and more to help students make wise financial decisions both as a student and after graduation.




成立于1947年 as a public university with the mission to help WWII veterans successfully transition back to civilian life through technical 教育, we’re proud of our military support history and deeply value our service members and their families. 今天, Oregon Tech continues its legacy of military support and strives to provide not only a top-notch 教育 for our active-duty service members, 退伍军人和家属, but works tirelessly to make their transition to and through the university experience as 支持 and efficient as possible. From processing VA 教育al benefits to connecting military-affiliated students with broader campus and community resources, 我们是来帮忙的. 您的成功就是我们的使命!


技术机会计划 Bridge 标志 for summer program for TRiO grant students.


技术机会计划, 或前, 激发第一代学生的潜能, 来自低收入家庭的学生, 残疾学生. 我们的 dedicated 工作人员 provides services and support in the following areas:

  • 个人指导和支持导航大学
  • 一对一和小组辅导
  • 学术、职业和经济援助规划
  • 同侪辅导,并与其他学生建立联系
  • 大学成功课程,教师主导的会议和研讨会
  • Assistance with applying for financial aid, scholarships, and grants
  • 社区建设和文化活动